Oracle and Primavera

Starting this Friday (June 5, 2009), the website will begin autoforwarding to the Oracle corporate website. The acquisition by Oracle Corporation of Primavera is another in a long line of acquisitions by Oracle, and a worthy one for the software giant. Primavera software is a respected project management software platform with better built-in support for Earned Value Management that Microsoft Project or other systems.  Not that EVM can’t be done in the other systems, but Primavera has handled it for quite some time now with built-in functionality, making it a recognized leader in the field of EVM systems. With increased budget pressures and a greater need for project managers to integrate demonstrable results that track directly to the bottom line, EVM is an increasingly important element of project management. And now that Primavera is within the Oracle family, perhaps we can look forward to better integration with the growing legion of Applications within the Oracle universe.

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