Happy Thanksgiving!

The world of Skere9 has been quite eventful lately!  Just a few examples:

On November 22, Cindy Bauchspies led the United States Navy Women’s Glee Club that she directs in their performance at the JFK Library in Boston, in memory of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy.  Performing with Cindy and the Glee Club was pop music legend James TaylorClick here to see the full video at the C-Span archives.

Jeff Krulik‘s film Led Zeppelin Played Here has been shown at more film festivals, including a screening at the famous CBGB Music and Film Festival, where Jeff did a live question-and-answer session with the audience, as well as a film screening, on October 11 and 12 in New York City.  Upcoming shows include December 11th and 12th in various locations in DC, details are at Jeff’s website.

I had a great lunch get-together with the incomparable Llewellyn King, as we caught up on his most recent fascinating activities, none of which I’m at liberty to share.  Yet.  But I can say that it involves the work of the brilliant Linda Gasparello.  Stay tuned on this one.

I was also fortunate enough to attend the Fall Hoot 2013, and join legendary photojournalist John Metelsky and others at the table of former National Press Club president John Cosgrove, who just turned an elegant and energetic 95 years old a few weeks earlier.  This regular event honors veteran members of the National Press Club with memberships of at least 25 years or more.  I’m a ways off from joining that illustrious group myself but there’s nothing like the company of these folks, they are remarkable people and always the epitome of grace and fun.

Doc Scantlin and Chou Chou continue to wow star-struck crowds, especially at the first annual Grand Masquerade at the Bethesda Jazz and Blues Club on Halloween night!  I was able to catch up with them both at a great dinner in Baltimore we enjoyed, where Doc and Chou Chou wowed and charmed the exclusive restaurant I shall not name (but might give you a hint about later), starting with their arrival in style in their classic 1937 Buick.  If you missed them on Halloween, don’t despair – they are performing throughout this holiday season, starting soon at the most amazing recreation of a 1930’s big band supper club, Alexandria’s own Carlyle Club, on November 29th.

Doug Hayden and Chris Pendarvis continue to rock the world of political entertainment with their regular weekly publication of Insanity Island cartoons, which are hysterically funny and gathering momentum!  Their weekly videos (published every Tuesday) are featured in their own YouTube channel that’s climbing the charts – as of this posting the channel is showing 93,172 views – which is the number of times their videos have been viewed, and that’s simply amazing!  You really need to watch these two, they’re heading for bigger audiences and Skerinators everywhere know they are destined to become household names!

I could go on – and I will eventually – but that’s just a sampling of the events of this past fall.

We all have a lot to be thankful for this fall, as we enjoy seeing our gallery of Skere9 stars share their amazing talents with the world.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones for a very happy Thanksgiving!