Insanity Island is Doug Hayden AND Chris Pendarvis

Folks, I owe Chris Pendarvis a huge apology.  The creative genius behind Insanity Island is not just my cousin Doug Hayden, it’s also Chris!  He stated as much in a comment here at dated July 3, and of course he’s absolutely right.  I knew that already, I was just busy bragging about my cousin Doug, but Doug has always told me about Chris’ involvement as well, that’s never been a secret.  So – my apologies to Chris, it was never my intent to omit him, but I largely did up to now and the fault is all with me, not Doug – he’s always shared credits with Chris from the start.  I’ll be sure to do the same from now on!

As for the rest of the Skere9 universe – folks, I’ve been remiss, a lot has happened in the past few months, including:

  • Jeff Krulik‘s premiere of his uber-hip documentary Led Zeppelin Played Here, along with fantastic screenings in the DC and New York City areas, including some prominent film festivals;
  • Major developments with the work of Mark Joseph and Doonby;
  • Todd Bauchspies‘ brilliantly outstanding performance at Paul Reed Smith‘s own PRS Experience event this fall, including intense audience reaction like I’ve never seen in a live show in my life;
  • A great private dinner with Doc Scantlin and the lovely and charming Chou Chou, who wowed the patrons in the restaurant where we met just by being their with their 1937 Buick and all their charm, grace, and style;
  • A new musical performance I just learned about that features the music of Eva Cassidy;
  • Lots of developments in the iPod/wrist-watch industry created by Eric Migicovsky;
  • A whirlwind of jazz festival performances and other activity in the world of Frank Russo;

… and that’s just a few items!  So stay tuned, I’ll catch up soon!  In the meantime – check out the latest from Insanity Island, just in time for Halloween!