Announcing the winner of the Cartesian Product Challenge

Hello friends!

I announced the winner of the Cartesian Product Challenge at this year’s Oracle Open World 2012, here’s the formal announcement:

Steve O’Hearn – The Challenge from Oracle Certification on Vimeo

And yes, what I say above is true – this is the winner of the FIRST annual Cartesian Product Challenge! More on that soon, in the meantime, to all my American colleagues, a very happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s a little background on this video: this was shot at the Oracle Open World Certification Lounge, in the Moscone Center, on Monday, October 1, 2012. However – it wasn’t really planned. I was there to do a question-and-answer session with Oracle Open World attendees on issues pertaining to certification in general, and the SQL Expert exam in particular. The outstanding Carey Hardey made a lot of the arrangements, and the fantastic Harold Green of Oracle Corp. was there as well – he does Oracle TV spots for the company and had an impressive setup in the back of the room. I’d already brought up the idea of making the announcement of the Cartesian Product Challenge winner there, and Harold and Carey were both supportive of it, and when I was there, Harold had the idea of filming it. So I made some notes on my iPad (that’s what you see me glancing down to read) and grabbed some coffee, and with maybe five minutes of prep, we shot it. Harold is equipped with a tremendous portable recording system, complete with a high quality camera and excellent lighting system, and you can see the results above.


A few minutes later, we shot a second video for the Meet the Author series, which I’ll post tomorrow. After that, Harold folded up shop and was gone within about five minutes, to travel a few blocks and set up all over again for another shoot – I think that was scheduled to be at the nearby companion conference, JavaOne.

Stay tuned for more!