Attention Madison Avenue Executives

Ignore Button

Dear Advertising Industry Executives,

If you want my attention, stop SCREAMING AT ME.

When television commercials used to play at the same volume as TV shows themselves, I paid attention to those commercials.  But once you began CRANKING UP THE VOLUME of commercials so that they BLASTED OUT OF MY TV, I began turning my TV on mute and walking away.

Now you’re doing the same thing on the Internet.  I’m watching simulcast shows online and finding that the commercials are suddenly BLASTING AT MAXIMUM VOLUME.

Maybe the SHOUTING works in the television broadcast medium.  But online it is really easy for me to hit MUTE and find something else to do.  And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

LOUD COMMERCIALS never worked with me on television, why are you taking that miserable policy to the Internet?