Jules Larson and You Know It’s True

So I was watching a re-run of Castle, a great TV drama about a fiction writer who shadows a beautiful police detective to glean ideas for his writing.  I was watching Episode 5, Season 3, titled “Anatomy of a Murder”, and at the very end of the show, a fun little song was playing in the background. I’d noticed it before when I’d watched this show earlier – like I mentioned, this was a re-run – but this time I decided to try to find out what that song was called and who was singing.

That search led me to a great website called “TuneFind.com” in which someone has posted exactly this sort of information – detailing the songs you hear in the background of different TV shows.  Looking for the Castle episode, I found this page:

Season 3 Episode 5 · Anatomy of a Murder

And there I learned that the song I was looking for was titled “You Know It’s True” and was performed by Jules Larson.

That was easy enough to find on YouTube, and WOW, I’m now a huge fan!

Someone to watch: Rachel Rollar

I happened to catch Rob Schmitt‘s broadcast early this morning on Newsmax, and he introduced two new members of his team there, one of which is Rachel Rollar.  Both new team members were excellent but Rachel was showcased a big more, and she definitely stood out as smart, quick-witted, and clever – definitely someone to watch.  I’m just posting about this now because I have a hunch that we’ll see her star rise bigtime, and I’ve seen this sort of thing before.

One example: years ago I was watching live coverage one weekend of the ongoing DC sniper incidents, when I caught a compelling report from a weekend fill-in MSNBC reporter who wouldn’t say her name. It drove me crazy, so I asked friends with connections at MSNBC and got her email address and her name – it was Natalie Morales, long before she joined the Today show. I remember emailing her and praising her work and reminder her – say your name!  She graciously responded and we’ve stayed in touch over the years, through 9/11 and later.

And then there was an early morning local DC area newscaster who came on at 5 am who I knew had big things in store for her.  She did share her name freely on the air – Carol Costello – and it was easier to email her and praise her work and let her know I could tell big things were in store for her.  I’m not sure how long it was before she joined CNN – maybe a year or two?  I’m not sure.

My point: I got the same sense this morning from the work of Rachel Rollar.  Her future looks bright!