OTN Discussion Post: ” … the best author I have ever found.”

I just came across the following blog post from the OTN Discussion Forums, published shortly before my current book came out.  The blog post author, Sunil Parida, recommends my work, see below:

"If you havn't read steve's earlier book on pl/sql, let me tell you that he is the best author I have ever found. He makes things really simple for all."

Thank you, Sunil!

And for those who are just joining us, the book is now available – this blog post goes back to 2009, I’m blogging about it now because I just learned of it.

Another Satisfied Reader of My “SQL Expert” Book

A friend brought a great blog post to my attention, it’s by Duke Ganote in Cincinatti, OH, USA.  Duke describes himself this way:

ETL Technical Lead, SQL Sculptor, Query Cowboy, Data Munger

Very cool.  He wrote an August 15, 2010 blog post titled Certifiable.. by Oracle, and here are a couple of screen shots:

Text blurg one

Text blurb 2

Congratulations to Duke on joining the ranks of SQL Experts!  And I appreciate his compliments about my book.

Check out Duke’s bio here.  And be sure to check out his quotes, he has several that are great, but my favorite is one that is apparently his own original words of wisdom:

I advocate the Ruthless Exploitation of Technology for Business Purposes.
— Duke Ganote

That’s fantastic.  I wish I’d thought of it first; had I done so, that would be my company slogan.