Shock drowning at 47 years old: R.I.P. Rajeev Motwani

I just read that Rajeev Motwani was found dead Friday in the pool of his Palo Alto home. Very bizarre.

Motwani was the 47 year old Stanford professor who served as inspiration and advisor to many Silicon Valley success stories. Google co-founder Sergey Brin posted a reflection on Motwani on his blog on Friday.

Perhaps we’ll hear more as a complete report of the cause of his death becomes public.

But in the meantime, the moral I get out of this is: no matter how much fun your life might be, no matter what impact you may or may not have on the world … life is short.

Live well.

Online Technology and Journalism

Today I met with my fellow members of the National Press Club’s “Joan Friedenberg Online Journalism Awards” committee. Together we selected the results for this year’s awards categories, to be officially announced by press release from the Club, later this year.

As good as previous years’ candidates have been, this year’s submissions were even more advanced, displaying better uses of technology, more innovating ways to integrate online capabilities into the reporting process and the news consumer experience.

But as close as the competition was, the overall results were virtually unanimous. Stay tuned for the results: they’ll be announced sometime in the next several weeks.