Spider-Man – “Peter Palmer”

Don’t ask me why I was reading The Amazing Spider-Man issue # 1 last week, but I discovered that in that first historic issue, published in 1963, there is a classic mistake in which Spider-Man’s alter ego Peter Parker is incorrectly referred to as “Peter Palmer“.   This isn’t just a typo, it’s the way he’s referred to multiple times in the second full story of that now-legendary first issue.

This first issue of Spider-Man is not the first-ever published comic book about Spider-Man, it’s the second.   The first comic book featuring Spider-Man was Amazing Fantasy # 15, the final issue of that series, and it introduced the character for the first time.  Marvel was the publisher, and they chose to move the next appearance of the new character to a book devoted to just Spider-Man, that’s issue # 1.

Furthermore, issue # 1 features two separate stories about Spider-Man.  The first story refers to “Peter Parker” several times, that’s the name of the teenager who became Spider-Man, and that’s the name that everyone who follows the series or has seen the movies recognizes.  It’s the second story in that issue where you find Spider-Man’s alter ego referred to as “Peter Palmer”.

As a kid, I grew up reading Spider-Man comic books.  My first issue I read was issue #50, given to me by a neighbor, and I got hooked, and just as the name suggested, it was amazing!  The “Peter Parker” character has become iconic to many of the millions of fans the line developed over the years.

So it was a surprise to me last week to read about “Peter Palmer” in the second story of The Amazing Spider-Man issue #1.

Am I the only one who missed this up until now?  After all these years I have never once seen any reference to this mistake, but it’s unquestionably there.

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