A curious Eva Cassidy reference in a Delta Goodrem article

Delta Goodrem is an Australian pop culture sensation.  She started as a child star on an Australian soap opera, and then eventually began a professional singing career at the ripe old age of 15.  I first her voice in her in the smash hit In This Life, a powerfully energetic and inspiring song.  See below for the video.

But this week, the Australian pop culture website published a curious statement that ties a  Goodrem reference to the late great Eva Cassidy.  On May 19, 2013, Pedestrian.TV reported:

Your best gal pal Delta Goodrem killed two of Eva Cassidy‘s songbirds with one precious stone [a diamonte] last night by making an appearance at Goodgod Small Club to support the sold-out show of burgeoning New Zealand vocalist Lorde [Ella Yellich-O’Connor, 16]. In doing so, Delta spun her chair in the direction of both certified talent and bolstered ‘indie credibility’ (if that’s even a thing) which sadly took a syncopated beating this time last year.

Say what?  Killed two of Eva Cassidy‘s songbirds with one precious stone?  Obviously this is a play on the expression “kill two birds with one stone”, which is a positive reference to someone who is very efficient, and accomplishes twice the results for their effort.

But what’s with the Eva Cassidy reference here?  Has Eva become such a household name in Australia that they’re just being cute and trying to make a quantum leap to connect her with the typical “two birds” expression?

Whatever it is, I guess Pedestrian.TV assumes their Australian audience will understand this.  But here in the USA, typing this from Eva Cassidy’s home town of Bowie, MD, I gotta say that I don’t get it.

Can anyone explain the Eva Cassidy reference?  If so, please add a comment!  (Look below the video – i you don’t see the “add comment” form there, click here.)

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