Report from Oracle Open World 2012 – Day 2

Oracle Open World, Day 2, in the bright sunlight overlooking downtown San Francisco:


Hey! This is Steve, its Day 2 – actually, no, it’s Day 3 of the Oracle conference. But I’m going to tell you about Day 2, because it’s Day 3 in the morning, the sun’s just coming up, and it’s bright in here, I’m not blind, it’s just bright in here. So I thought I’d put on the sunglasses, because I’m really hip that way.

Anyway, good morning, this is Steve, and I’m on the 39th floor of a hotel in downtown San Francisco, here for the Oracle Open World Conference 2012. I’m overlooking the downtown area where most of the conference is taking place. So let me share with you something that you – that probably won’t make the news, you probably won’t hear about this, there’s a lot of talk about the keynotes, CNBC is interviewing folks here, you can see all that elsewhere, let me share something with you I don’t think you’ll hear anywhere else. The magic phrase is “software defined network”, or SDN. There is a lot of buzz about it here in Silicon Valley, and Oracle quietly is working away on this. I was in two separate meetings where this came up. And one person told me that recently VMware paid 1.2 billion dollars – billion dollars- for a company of 20 people with less than 10 million dollars in revenue. For this, VMware paid $1.2 billion, just to get the SDN assets. (Speaking of the bright sun – ) Wow, that’s bright. That’s bright!

Anyway, Oracle’s working away on this as well. And the idea is to create something of a hypervisor for networks, the same way a hypervisor works for virtualized operating systems. And I would say that the most important thing that I heard probably the whole day, was one key person told me – who’s involved with the effort, involved with the process at Oracle, said to a small gathering of us: “everyone is talking about it, nobody understands it”.

Anyway, there’s more to share, about the events, the presentation, the exhibit hall, the parties, uh, but, um, you can get that information elsewhere, and quite frankly, I’m working, I’ve been here working away, and so I haven’t participated in everything, and besides, there’s too much, there’s so much cool stuff going on.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more later.


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